The Lonely Only

I couldn’t shake the fear that he would spend a lot of time being on the outside looking in, with only his mama beside him. I don’t want the fear of rejection to keep him from doing anything. I don’t want him to be lonely.


NFL Orientation

I don’t know what my problem is, but I watched the video of Janay Palmer Rice. Like, when I say it out loud it shows how desensitized we are to things; it’s creepy to be interested in seeing a man hit a woman, unless they plan to put an immediate stop to it. Either way, I watched…


Take your Penicillin

The problem with negativity is that if you let it in and allow it to fester, it spreads it’s germs all over the good things in your life. For most of this summer I opened a door that pretty much gave me negativity mono. I haven’t been inspired to write, my practices haven’t been as…


Real Women, Real Results: Lauren’s Story

84 days, 12 weeks, three months. That’s all it took for working mother of two Lauren Felton to see huge results when she made the decision to stop beating herself up over her body’s transformation after years of unhealthy habits and childbearing.  The high school track star and college cheerleader grew up in a typical…

Getting Amped Up

Pictures taken by Elisabeth Bell of EB Photography, McClure photos from SWtimes.com If you’ve ever said there’s nothing to do in Fort Smith, then you’re boring. I say this as a stay-at-home mom with a morning away from her son and two options of free outdoor fun.. Beth and I slated an early morning Riverside run,…