Real Women, Real Results: Valerie’s journey

” Anything you can do, I can do almost.”

Real Women, Real Results: Lauren’s Story

84 days, 12 weeks, three months. That’s all it took for working mother of two Lauren Felton to see huge results when she made the decision to stop beating herself up over her… Continue reading

Getting Amped Up

Pictures taken by Elisabeth Bell of EB Photography, McClure photos from If you’ve ever said there’s nothing to do in Fort Smith, then you’re boring. I say this as a stay-at-home mom… Continue reading

Grass-Fed Beef: It’s what’s for dinner

Last Saturday I decided to go on a little morning date with Blake and take him to he Farmer’s Market downtown. The library here hosts a story time somewhere there ( we actually… Continue reading

Bend over to the front, touch ya toes!

Photos by EB Photography   The day I touched my toes was when I became fired up about yoga.  I’ve only touched them a few times in my life. My freshman year in… Continue reading

You Old as &#* Not for the Earth, but for this Club.

When my sister and law and I get together especially out-of-town, we make a point to get pirate drunk while the boys watch the kids and we’ll go dancing, karaoke, whatever.  It’s one… Continue reading

Getting Out of My Element

I tried to exercise while on vacation. I managed to run a couple of times, but the scenery on my route wasn’t exciting ( I stayed on the strip near our condo because… Continue reading

Freeing My Fro and Ego

Yoga teacher training is exciting. I’m enjoying the journey and the challenges that come along with it. Of the four reading requirements, my first and favorite is B.K.S Iyengar’s Light on Yoga. The… Continue reading